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Meaningful Juice is natural spring water bottled at the source. Spring water has a clean refreshing taste and multiple health benefits due to the retention of life supporting minerals left intentionally by natures filtering process. Spring water is very slowly filtered through underground rock formations which charge and restructure the water molecules, making them easier for your body to absorb and use. Naturally detoxify your body with spring water as it flushes out toxins while helping to protect and restore your immune system.

Meaningful Juice is made in USA and our bottles are 100% recyclable.

Drinking water straight from the source, you will not find anything more pure.

Spring water is created by water seeping down into the earth, way down, until it reaches what is called an aquifer or an underground lake. This water may stay there for thousands of years, restructuring itself and absorbing the advanced information earth provides, until it is ready to come back to the surface. On its way up it is completely purified.

The earth is the most advanced water filter in existence. In fact, many water filters learn their technology from how the earth purifies water. Water that is coming to the surface from these aquifers are sometimes several thousand years old, meaning it has not been around on the surface to be polluted by modern day technology.This is another reason why spring water is the best drinking water available!
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