Benefits of Meaningful Juice

Meaningful Juice can help you:

1. Understand meaningful use criteria. OK, at this stage of the game you likely have a strong understand of the criteria. You have to admit though that a refreshing bottle or two of Meaningful Juice would have made that read a heck of a lot easier to get through.

2. Quantify your incentive opportunity. The C Suite is going to want to know, right? Identify how much you will be getting back for your investments and remember to budget a line item for Meaningful Juice in your project plans.

3. Understand current state. What applications are already implemented, and which ones are not? This includes looking at the actual adoption of applications as well. If you have a good grasp of this step, maybe no meaningful juice is needed at this stage, but keep it available just in case.

4. Identify gaps between Stage 1 and your current state. Where do you need to focus your efforts? To get an accurate assessment, list the meaningful use criteria with high change or technology impact. We all have gaps and sometimes dealing with these gaps is easier when you are well hydrated with Meaningful Juice.

5. Create an implementation and adoption plan. Based on the information gathered in steps one to four, plan your deployment. This will require lots of project meetings with lots of opportunities to keep your teams hydrated with Meaningful Juice.

6. Build rigor. Test and re-test processes, applications, infrastructure, organizational structure and the playbook. Rigor is hard work and hard work creates a hefty thirst. Drink Meaningful Juice often at this stage.

7. Complete your rollout. Close your gaps. Simply to say, but we know how hard this stage is. Hydrate your team members!

8. Demonstrate and measure results. Do you have measurement tools for quality measures, care outcomes, performance, compliance and benefits? Many don’t, but someone someday will ask you what they got from the investment. Work it out over a cool bottle of Meaningful Juice.

9. Celebrate. Don’t overlook that fact that you’ve come along way. Celebrate, drink Meaningful Juice. Maybe even an adult beverage in fact may be more appropriate.

10. Return to Step 1. This is not a sprint but a marathon. Return to Step 2 and prepare for Stage 2!
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