How do I use Meaningful Juice?

Answer: Its water. Just drink it!!! Only kidding... there’s more to it than that.

Suggested uses of the Juice:

  • Use Meaningful Juice as a physical reminder of your meaningful use initiative:

    Provide MJ bottles at every MU project meeting as a physical reminder of why you are there…to achieve the next stage of meaningful use. Every meeting needs water, make it Meaningful Juice!

  • Use Meaningful Juice to recognize individual or team efforts toward meaningful use:

    Begin each project meeting with a quick story about what has been accomplished since the previous meeting and toast/recognize the contributors (toast example: Many thanks to Bob for staying late the last few weeks to test the latest CPOE templates. We are now ready for our rollout…Bob is an example of how dedicated our team is to achieving meaningful use. Here’s to Bob! Then raise your bottle of Meaningful Juice…. Here! Here!)

  • Use Meaningful Juice to celebrate milestones in the Meaningful Use process

  • Use Meaningful Juice as a show of support for a team that has suffered a set back:

    Include a note with a case of Meaningful Juice: Example: Dear team x, We know how hard you have been working on this project and have suffered a few set backs…. We still believe in your team and will help you however we can. You will overcome these obstacles with hard work and determination. Now go get em!

  • Use Meaningful Juice to introduce the idea of what meaningful use is when you reach rollout and toast to the initiative.

Meaningful Juice is a valuable tool for achieving Meaningful Use.

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